QC Profile

1. Our goal

Excellent quality control for you to create first-class products

2. Our guarantee

Strict compliance with ISO9001 quality management system standards, strict quality control system

3. Our measures

Details determine success or failure, full implementation of sophisticated management, not miss any flaw

4. Our team

The first person everyone is our quality control, every action determines the quality of our products

5. Our commitment

Not allowed to make any defects into the market


ISO9001 quality management system for enterprise quality management soul, strict compliance with quality and health management system and environmental management system operational requirements, to ensure product quality, safety and environmental protection.

adhere to the "well-built, continuous improvement," the principle of quality, innovative, never satisfied.

strictly comply with corporate standards, strict control of the product realization process, before leaving the factory through rigorous commissioning and after passing inspection, to ensure product performance at or better than similar products currently on the market.

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